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Frequently Asked Questions

Surf Lagoon is Georgia’s newest water park located in Pooler, GA. Surf Lagoon’s first phase opened in 2015, which includes the first slide tower complex, lazy river, kid’s activity area, and two zero entry beaches. We could detail every drop of water for you, but we figure you’d rather review the Frequently Asked Questions below so you can start making your way to the park even faster.


  1. When is Surf Lagoon open?

    Our full operating calendar is located on the Park information page of this website. But generally the water park will open annually in April and operate until September.  Operating hours and days may change depending upon weather and other seasonal factors.

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  2. What is your Rain/Weather Policy?

    In the event that Lightning, Thunder, Severe Rain, or Severe Wind occurs (within two miles), management will temporarily close water attractions. During the time management temporarily closes the attractions, guests will be required to wait in the designated covered areas. If inclement weather continues and ALL attractions remain consistently closed for 1 hour prior to 4 pm, Rain Passes will be issued to each guest to re-enter the park on a different day.

    Please note the following:

    · The Rain Pass is valid for one day entry Admission only, lockers will not be refunded or credited.
    · The guest’s original wristband and Rain Pass must be returned to the ticket counter to redeem the rain pass.
    · Rain Passes will only be distributed immediately following the 1 hour attraction closure, guests who choose to leave the park on their own cannot collect a Rain Pass at a later time/date. No exceptions. This is why we ask that all guests remain in our designated covered areas to wait out the storm and to determine possible closures. (Typically Rain Passes are passed out for no more than 20-30 Minutes)
    · Staff cannot always predict sudden weather changes and will not always be able to determine potential closings in advance, it is the guest’s responsibility to determine if they should purchase Admission ahead of potential inclement weather.
    · Guests may be asked to temporarily clear the water several short periods of time for inclement weather as weather conditions improve, and then again deteriorate. These temporary short periods of attraction closures will not result in a Rain Pass per the 1 hour consistent closure policy.
    · If Surf Lagoon must close due to inclement weather after 4:00 pm, no Rain Pass will be issued.

    We urge all guests to please visit your National Weather Service Site ( prior to visiting, and thank you for your understanding while we do our best to secure guest satisfaction and most important, safety!

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  3. How do I get directions to Surf Lagoon?

    Our address is 130 Towne Center Drive, Pooler, GA 31322. We are located on Towne Center Drive near the Royal Cinemas IMAX Theater.

    From I-95, take Exit 104 and head west on Pooler Parkway. Turn right on Benton Blvd and then left onto Towne Center Drive.

    From I-16, take Exit 155 and head East/North on Pooler Parkway. Turn left on Benton Blvd and then left onto Towne Center Drive.

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  4. Do you offer group rates?

    Yes, but only on General Admission passes. Please visit Tickets & Passes on our homepage for pricing. Group discounts are offered for groups of 20 or more. Group discounted passes can be purchased on our website or at the Admissions counter during normal operational hours. All group passes must be purchased in one transaction in order to receive the discount.

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  5. How can I pay for admission?

    If purchased at the main gate, we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express credit cards, as well as Surf Lagoon gift cards. Online we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express credit cards.

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  6. Can I bring my own tubes or rafts?

    Guests may not bring any recreational flotation devices into the park with the exception of US Coast Guard approved flotation devices. Surf Lagoon provides lifejackets and inner tubes free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, guests may not bring water toys into the park.

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  7. Can I bring a picnic or a cooler?

    No outside food or beverages are allowed in the facility with the exception of two water bottles per person.

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  8. Can we leave and re-enter the park in the same day?

    Yes. Please be sure to have your wristband upon re-entry.

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  9. Do you offer food specials or catering to accommodate groups?

    No, unfortunately discounts are not available for food items. All food items must be purchased from the Grill, we are not able to take any orders in advance.

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  10. Where are the best places to play with my toddler in the park?

    Shorebreak Beach and Shortboarders are our two most popular attractions for small children and have been designed with the toddler’s age and skill in mind.

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  11. What if there is bad weather on the day of my visit?

    It is advised that you check the local forecast for the Pooler area prior to your visit. Surf Lagoon Water Park does not close attractions in light rain. In the event of thunder and lightning, attractions will be temporarily closed. Rain checks will be provided at park management’s discretion (please read our rain policy for additional details). Refunds will be NOT be issued. Please keep in mind that if inclement weather is expected for the entire day, Surf Lagoon Water Park reserves the right to not open the facility.

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  12. What is the best time to visit Surf Lagoon?

    Every time is the best time to visit Surf Lagoon! You can review our Operating Calendar for dates and hours. Mid-week is usually the slowest time for the water park and will afford you the greatest opportunity to avoid the peak crowds.

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  13. What do I do if my party gets separated?

    It is imperative that each family establish a meeting point for family and friends. It is also recommended that younger children be shown the Guest Services building upon entry into the park, as this is where any lost parents or lost children should report to be re-united with their family. However, any Surf Lagoon team member may be approached and will assist in locating lost family or friends.

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  14. What about Water Safety?

    Surf Lagoon’s staff goes through extensive training to ensure guest safety. While our staff works hard to ensure the safety of all guest we ask that parents please be mindful of their children and family members at all times. Ride safety rules are posted at each attraction. We request that each Guest review these thoroughly. Life jackets are provided throughout the park and their use is encouraged to provide additional safety.

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  15. What's the parking situation like?

    We have ample parking for all vehicles.

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  16. What are the height requirements/restrictions?

    There are no height restrictions on Layback Lagoon, Shorebreak Beach, and Shortboarders. Riders must be taller than 48″ inches to ride all slides. Guests under 48″ tall can ride on double tube slides with an adult and must wear a lifejacket, Under 48″ Guests are not permitted to ride the solo/body slides. All slides have a single rider 300 lb. and 500 lb. double rider weight restriction.

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  17. Do you offer locker rentals?

    Yes. We encourage using a locker to store all valuables and personal items. Various sized lockers are available near the restrooms. Lockers can be rented with cash and/or credit/debit cards at our Admissions counter.

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  18. Are tubes available in the park?

    Yes, single and double tubes are available for guests.

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  19. Are Changing Rooms & Showers available?

    Yes, Surf Lagoon offers changing rooms and private showers in our Men’s & Women’s restrooms.

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  20. Does Surf Lagoon provide towels?

    Towels are NOT provided and guests are asked to bring their own.

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  21. Can I use my GoPro or Cellphone to take videos coming down the slides?

    No, loose objects are not permitted on our slide complex. This includes glasses, sunglasses, cell phones, cameras, or other electronic devices. We cannot stop slide operation to retrieve lost objects nor can we allow guests to look for these objects while the slides are in operation. No exceptions.

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  22. Is your park handicap accessible?

    Most of our park and attractions are handicap accessible. We offer a zero depth entry beach which allows for easy entry and exit from the lazy river and beaches, our Shortboarders area contains several ground level features, and fountains, and our locker room, bathroom, and shower facilities are designed to be easily accessible to all guests. Our slide complex is not handicap accessible at this time. We do not provide wheelchairs or scooters for guests at this time.

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